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Annalisa Carr

The author shares with us the experience that gave her the inspiration for her “Children of Poseidon” trilogy and the characters that populate the stories. Read on for the story behind the story.

Welcome fantasy romance author Annalisa Carr.

I’m working on the third and last book in my ‘Children of Poseidon’ trilogy at the moment, telling the story of Damnamenos, the youngest of the Sealords, and the villain of the first story. The second book ‘Children of Poseidon: Rann’ came out last summer.

The trilogy started when I wrote a short story (about NeiroKeto, an octopus) in aid of a conservation charity, at the same time as doing an open water swim in aid of ‘The British Heart Foundation’. The water was rough and I was pretty battered when I made it to shore. I loved the sea though, and had to write about the experience which had been both frightening, inspiring, and an exploit not to be wasted. That was how my first heroine appeared.

Lila jumped overboard from a pirate ship, in order to escape her kidnappers and rescue her sister. She was washed to the shore of a remote Scottish island, where she encountered Lykos, the eldest of the sons of Poseidon.

I already knew I would have to tell the story of Rann, Lykos’s half-brother and closest friend, but I initially expected him to fall in love with Lila’s sister, powerful coven witch, Maya. Rann had his own ideas, though. Jewel, Maya’s best friend, captured his heart and pushed him out of his comfort zone.

Rann is pretty much a laid–back sort of demi-god. His life is organised to his satisfaction, his servants anticipate his every wish, and his deep-sea subjects wouldn’t dream of defying him. His previous lovers have been as easy-going as himself, but Jewel won’t fit into this comfortable pattern. She runs away from their mutual attraction when she learns that her mother is causing big problems for London’s witches.

Jewel returns to London and walks into a life-threatening situation. Rann leaves his home in The Indian Ocean, and follows her, arriving just in time to come to her aid.

I’ve vicariously visited lots of exciting places during the writing of these books, places such as the far north of Scotland, Zanzibar, Jersey and Somalia, and I’m now looking for the next place I’d like to visit (in my writing, if not in real life).


Annalisa Carr’s most recent release is the second book in her ‘Sons of the Sea God’ trilogy:Rann-Soulmate 505_505x825

Children of Poseidon: Rann

Poseidon’s son Rann has been content to rule his island paradise for centuries, but now something dangerous is stirring in his seas. A dark web of evil spreads from the horn of Africa to the covens of London.

A call for help from her old coven gives young witch Jewel a reason to leave her island home and her crush on Rann, and hurry back to London where old crimes are rising to disturb the city’s magic community.

The past is about to collide with Jewel’s present and threaten her future with something far more lethal than unrequited love.

BioAnna Carr

An addiction to science fiction meant that Annalisa Carr chose to pursue a career in research, spending most of her life working as a scientist in Cambridge, UK. Unfortunately, given the reason for her career choice, she never made it into space and has never been to Alpha Centauri IV.

Two years ago she moved to the English Lake District where she shares a house with her three cats, and indulges her need to explore alien cultures by writing about them.

She writes (and reads voraciously) in several genres, her favourites being urban fantasy, paranormal romance and science fiction. She is currently working on her third book in her ‘Children of Poseidon’ trilogy.


Rann strolled towards them, brown skin brightened by the afternoon sun to the shade of butterscotch. A hint of weariness slowed his normal stride, but he brought with him the fresh scent of open water. His expression was thoughtful, and Jewel pushed herself to her feet as he approached, her whole body warming with pleasure.

“Is everything okay?”

Worry passed over his face, vanishing almost before she recognised it. “I think we’ve got a problem.” Reaching out, he tucked Jewel’s hair behind her ear.

“Is there anything . . .?”

“I’m not sure what’s going on.” He rubbed his forehead. “The merpeople found a dead mermaid out in the deep water.”

A frisson of shock ran down Jewel’s spine. Mermaids didn’t die. When the time came for their long existence to end, they merged with the sea, became one with the foam on the waves.

“Was she . . .?”

“A stranger. I don’t know where she came from. Tomorrow she’ll be returned to the sea and I’ll try to find out what happened. I just wish I knew where to look.” He pushed a lock of damp black hair away from his face and glanced back at the sea.

“If there’s anything—” Jewel broke off as Tamsin grabbed her wrist, fingers digging into the skin. “Ow.”

“There’s a connection.” Tamsin’s eyes rolled upwards until only the whites were visible.

Her hand was icy, and Jewel pulled herself free. “Tamsin? What . . .?”

“Everything is tied together by death.” Her eyes rolled back, blank and unfocussed. Moving like a sleepwalker, she disappeared into the darkness of the house.

“What on earth is she talking about?” Rann watched her go.

“I don’t know.” Jewel rubbed the goose pimples on her arms. She didn’t like Tamsin’s death visions at all. “She’s been having dreams.”


Amazon: http://amzn.com/B012P8C35O

Website: http://www.annalisacarr.com/

Twitter: @Cleanne2

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