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Tell Again Tuesday

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Making it “real”

Thursday, September 29, 2016 Marie Andreas

Beginning writers often fall into the same traps, one of which is to describe the hell out of EVERYTHING. What people looked like down to the smallest details, places, houses, kitchens, closets, stores, how to drive a car…you name it, I can promise it has been described to death by thousands of writers.

Writers do it because, especially when we’re just starting, we’re . . .

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The Emerald Dragon (The Lost Ancients Book 3) by [Andreas, Marie]

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Friday Features


The Dragon Chronicles Book 3: Healing


D.R. Grady

Today we have D.R. Grady with us to share the background of her Dragon Chronicles. The series sounds very interesting and without further interruption here is D.R.

The Dragon Chronicles series comprises three books, with a different couple per book. It wasn’t always set up this way. When I first started this series, the intention was for five books, all in the point of view of the dragon and her controller. The plan was for the other characters to play secondary roles throughout the five book arc.

Imagine my surprise when an editor I queried informed me those types of series don’t sell and a trusted editorial friend verified her statement. During a period of devastation based on this information, I had to rethink the entire series. Since I already had the two other couples in place, I changed the concept to the three part series with each of the three couples getting their own book. You still see plenty of these characters throughout the series, as I’m a serial writer and nosy. (I need to know what happens to previous characters!) These six characters play a major role in the outcome of the book, and it’s fun to see their interactions throughout the series.

This book, The Dragon Chronicles Book 3: Healing is the conclusion of the series. All six main characters are present, as well as a bevy of additional, and interesting, ones.

In this final book, two powerful healers, Ewain and Marissa set sparks off each other, while all three couples learn more about themselves and their abilities. Lindy and Alex, the dragon and her dragon controller, with the help of Ewain and Marissa, and their fellow Healer Keely and her alpha mate, Hugh, must combat a force so negative it leaves a path of destruction akin to several natural disasters.

The Dragon Chronicles Book 3: Healing is available now!


Healers Ewain Douglass and Marissa Mays work and live in close confines. Too bad they set sparks off each other. They struggle to remain civil and professional, until the enemy targets Marissa.

Meanwhile, the dragon and her controller are still learning all can about their abilities. The dragon has called her allies together to face a war for their very lives. Ewain and Marissa don’t have time to declare war on each other.HEALING


“I’m fine.” Marissa held up a hand as she set the finished infusion on the bench to cool.

Ewain stalked across the lab, his eyes never leaving her. “You nearly died.”

A long sigh escaped but then he caught her up in his arms, holding her too tight. She stiffened briefly, but it was nice here. His rigid muscles eased after a few heartbeats. He breathed in as though smelling her hair then his hand tunneled into it.

“Bad session with Phil?” Keeping her voice at a murmur shouldn’t rile him up.

“The latest nightmare I had was about you.” His voice sounded raw.

She stilled. “I thought your nightmares were all related to the dragon. And Lindy.”

“The first two related to them. But this latest bad dream was about you.”

Pulling away from him, she peered into his face. “What happened?”

“The enemy wanted you and I prevented him from taking you.”

“How do you know it was me?”

“I didn’t. Phil did.”

He sucked in a long, shaky breath she felt. Leaning back, she cupped his face. “Ewain, what’s wrong?”

“I woke before I knew whether I saved her.” Anguish threaded his bleak whisper.

Her mind blanked for the space of several inhalations, before she caught on. “You didn’t know if you saved this woman?”

He swallowed and his Adam’s apple bobbed. “No. It drove me crazy, but then Phil assured me I did thwart the enemy’s attempt on you.” He swallowed again. “Then Keely’s theory—” He left off to exhale long and loud.

“And he tried to harm me. But Ewain, the moonbeam potion and Lindy’s fyre saved me. I wasn’t tortured long. All I’m feeling is a little tired and some muscle aches now.” She cupped his face a little tighter. “I’m fine.”

Ewain didn’t say anything for several heartbeats. He just studied her with those gray eyes. Then his hand slid further into her hair and he leaned down to take her lips in a kiss that wasn’t sweet, or gentle.

She clutched his face tighter, keeping it right there, so he couldn’t end the kiss too soon. Her heart pounded, skipping beats, maybe even belting out a happy refrain.

The Dragon Chronicles Book 3: Healing is available now!D.R. Grady photo

D.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes, and writing stories that resonate with others.

Website   Twitter    Amazon Author page    Facebook Page    Google+


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Friday Features


D.R. Grady

Author of

The Dragon Chronicles Book 2: Shifting


D.R. Grady has stopped by to share her new book, The Dragon Chronicles Book 2: Shifting, and an interesting thought about shifting. Her heroine has a unique problem in she shifting world and D.R. points out how we can relate to the characters problem. Take it away D.R.

Thank you.

Many of us have encountered that heart-dropping situation where we attend a function, stand with a group of like-minded people, and realize we don’t belong. It’s an uncomfortable, sometimes antagonistic place, to be present, yet not accepted. Not fitting in is one of the most uncomfortable social situations to face.

But, what if this terrible dilemma has shaped your entire life? For Dr. Keely Bennett, this is her reality. She is supposedly a part of the Bennett family, but not really, because Keely has never shifted into a wolf. Therefore, she has never felt like a true member of her own family. In her mind, she’s always been lacking.

Her new mate, a wolf, and his pack only exacerbate this difference. Can she overcome her fears and faults to be the woman Hugh Blackwolfe needs? Or will she allow this inability to govern her life?

D.R. that makes for an interesting point of view. Now here is a bit about the book and an excerpt.


Dr. Keely Bennett, a healer at Paranym University, can’t shift.

Her mate, Hugh Blackwolfe doesn’t mind—but his pack sure does. Hugh is the strongest alpha on the east coast and the pack’s single females challenge Keely, forcing her to find a shifter willing to meet and win this challenge for her, so that she and Hugh can mate.

Keely’s dragon best friend, Lindy, with her controller and mate, Alex, also struggle with shifting. They must learn the nuances of how Lindy shifts, and soon.

After several random attacks, and with an unknown enemy gunning for all of them, time may be running out. As if Keely doesn’t already feel unworthy, the dragon appears to be calling everyone but her to her team of allies.20160115 Book 2 Shifting_805x1275 (2)


A vehicle careened into the compound. It scattered wolves as it barreled into the circle, and with a screeching of brakes that nearly burst his eardrums, halted right in front of him.

The crazy driver spilled from the vehicle and the fresh scent of his mate soothed the fire. Keely.

He took a deeper breath, pulling her inside so it didn’t hurt as bad.

Cool fingers brushed over his face. Keely’s scent washed over him, stronger than before. “Hugh, stay with me.” Her voice was like salve to his throbbing ears.

“You need to get your brakes fixed.”

A startled laugh burst from her and still those cool fingers. Something tugged at his shirt. When had he shifted back to his human form?

He stilled and reached out to grasp Keely’s wrist. “You can’t be here.”

“Nonsense. I’m a healer. You’re my mate.” Cool morning air danced over his side where the rabid wolf had slashed him. It felt good.

Until Keely applied something that stung like fire antag poison. He jackknifed, clamping a hand over his fiery side and gaped at her. His heart leaped in his chest. She was fresh and dewy as the morning, her soothing scent surrounding him. Yet the worry in her eyes and the grim lines around her mouth stole from the picture.

“Okay, into the truck with you.” She hunkered to help him gain his feet.

“Um, Keely.” Jason stepped forward. His eyebrows touched over his nose.

“Help me get him into my vehicle.”

The command in her voice sent Jason into motion. He gestured to another man, a beta named Brian. Both men shouldered his weight as Keely yanked open the passenger door. She directed them to fasten Hugh in the passenger seat. Then she turned to his betas.

“Destroy this wolf.” She pointed to the dead brown wolf. “Make certain you cleanse the earth far below and surrounding it.”

Jason nodded. “We will.”

“Keep all the young close. Do not allow them out alone. And none of you should wander off into the woods alone either.” Keely glanced around the circle. “You also need to start arming yourselves. Shoot anything rabid on sight.”

She rounded the front of the vehicle. It took her mere seconds to turn the engine and roar out of the compound.

“Keely,” he stated, but the inferno flashed through him, turning his insides to liquid. Hugh clamped his teeth instead.

“Just stay quiet.”

“What did you do?”

“I applied something to thwart the rabies, at least slow it down. I’ve never used it on a powerful alpha before though.”

“It slows the process?”

“Yes, usually.” Her mouth tightened.


“But again, you’re a powerful alpha. I don’t know if it will work on you.”

“You can at least slow it down?” Maybe he could set his affairs and pack in order before he died.

“Yes. This way we can figure out a cure.”

His exclamation strangled as more intense heat melted his internal organs. “Baby, there is no cure for this. I’m dying.”

Her glare further scalded him. “I’m a healer.” Keely’s sniff even stopped some of the flashfire as it spread, igniting everything inside him.

Nausea churned his stomach. “I really wanted to mate with you.” Clammy sweat coated his body.

“If you give up on me, Hugh Blackwolfe . . .” Her jaw hardened.

His lips curled for a moment, before he snarled through the pain. “I love you too.”


If this has your interest you can get the book here


Now for a little bit about the author and where to find her:20160115 D.R. Grady photo

D.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes, and writing stories that resonate with others.




Amazon Author page

Facebook Page



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