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Tell Again Tuesday

A blog series where we shamelessly share posts from others that we have enjoyed.

 Who would keep plugging along after all that rejection? An Author that’s who. Here is an interesting story with some fun, active pictures that tell a story of perseverance and success.

Getting a Yes after 47 Noes

by Asa Maria Bradley July 1, 2014 Agents & Editors, Business of Writing, Firsts, Inspiration, Rejections, Submissions & Queries

No matter what Jim Hanas says about writers being caught up in the lottery of “rejection porn,” I love reading about successful writers who made it after a gazillion rejections. I’m a sucker for lists that tells me how many times authors like J.K. Rowling, Louis L’Amour, Dan Brown, and C.S. Lewis were rejected.

Why? Because knowing others found success after rejections is what kept me submitting my manuscript even though I gained a total of forty-seven forty-nine rejections. (Update: after I sold, I received 2 more rejections from retracted queries.) Fifteen of those were on full requests. And, to make things worse, it wasn’t the first book I queried and pitched. I had two other books out there gaining noes. But I kept going.

If you find this as interesting as we have then follow this link to read the rest of the story (oh yes and see some interesting action pics):


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