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We’re over at Soul Mate Publishing Author blog today talking about writing time travel. We have a couple of time travels WIPs so we’re interested in the subject. While Catherine was looking for some photos to go with that blog (which she didn’t find) she came across some interesting sites related to time travel which we thought would be fun to share with you today.





The picture of the Jesus look-a-like  on this Pinterest board is hard to swallow, since we don’t know what Jesus looked like, unless you believe the Shroud of Turin is his image. But the Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Cage and Sylvester Stallone pictures make interesting cases for time travelers look a likes. Guess that would be a device that would work in a time travel story.

Anyway, we found it interesting, even if you don’t believe that time travel is possible, or even like time travel stories.

We’d love to hear what you think about time travel. We love it–writing and reading about it that is.

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We’re over at the SMP author blog today with a repost of an earlier blog from this site entitled Skeletons, Secrets, and Scary things—What is Your Character Afraid of. To read the post, follow the link.

For those who don’t want to read the repost, here’s today’s related writing tip.

Make your characters grow by making them face their fears. Nothing shows character better than how a person reacts when he come up against the thing he fears most. Heroes are not people who have no fear, but those who continue to function in spite of their fears. If your character has nothing to lose your readers won’t care about him.

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We’re over at the SMP blog today talking about Keeping Your Characters Straight.  Come on over for three hints to do just that. Today’s writing hint is also about keeping character dialogue straight.

Today’s writing hint is:

Use use proper names occasionally and sparingly to help keep who’s speaking on track. We don’t address people by their names every time we speak to them and neither should your characters. Make it sound natural and you should be okay.

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