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We’re over at Preternatura today talking about Using Handwritten Letters in Writing.  A copy of our e-book The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles) will be given away to a lucky commenter. So, if you don’t have a copy of our paranormal shape shifter romance, and would like the chance to win one, hop on over to Preternatura and leave a comment.

Don’t want to hop over to Preternatura or get a free book, but you are interested in using  handwritten letters in your writing? If so, you can read some previous posts by us about Deepening Your Character Profile Through Handwritten Letters  or Discovering Character Through Handwritten Letters 

Have you ever used handwritten letters in your books or read a book that used letters?

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We’re over at  Brenda Stinnett’s blog today talking about our book The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles), answering questions about being a writing team, and there’s even an excerpt of the book.

Since Brenda’s interviewing us about writing as a team, we thought we ‘d make today’s tip about critiquing. As a critiquer, your job isn’t to just say this sucks, even though it might. Critiquers need  to give constructive criticism. If something is bad about your critique partners’ work, or the contest manuscript you are judging, tell the person the Ws, the Hs, and the Es of their work.

What the problem is,

Why it’s wrong,

How to fix it,

(find a place for a)

Happy face–every writer has at least one thing you can praise,


Encourage them. Anyone who has ever been a newbie writer (and that’s all of us), entered a contest, or given something to someone to read, is subject to getting a discouraging critique back. Writing is a process and the more we do it, the more we try to learn the craft, the better we can become. That’s a message every writer, beginning or not, needs to remember.

Have you ever critiqued a manuscript that sucked? How did you give constructive criticism?


Great Read. Can’t wait for next book in the Series,July 28, 2013

This review is from: The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)

Reading paranormal has not been my thing, but after reading The Promised One, I’ve changed my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end and look forward to reading subsequent books in this series. The author leaves the reader wondering throughout who is truly bad and who is good. Will Temple be turned to the bad side? Will Temple and Alexi’s love survive her secrets? Is Eli who he says he is? And most of all, what will happen to them all in the next book.

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We’re over at the SMP blog today talking about ink, specifically Iron Gall Ink, but we’ve decided to give readers here a tidbit of new information on Gall Ink as well as a writer’s tip.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Gall Ink, but we found the history of this ink, made from the galls found on plants, very interesting. Who knew that you could make ink from plant fungus?

The earliest known recipe for Gall Ink comes from Pliny the Elder. Gall ink was popular because it was a durable ink that could not be wiped off the vellum or paper, you had to scrape the paper in order to remove the ink. This ink became popular in Europe as well as the United States. The United States Postal Service even had its own official recipe for use in all post office branches. In the later part of the 20th century when chemically produced inks came into use Gall Ink fell out of favor.

Today, some artists, who are trying to recreate an art form from the past, use Gall Ink in their work. It’s a good thing, we feel, to keep some of those old traditions alive. After all, you never know when we might become a dystopian society and need some of those old recipes.

If you are interested in making some Gall Ink, here are a few websites that have recipes.



For more information about Gall Ink, click here to go to the SMP Author Blog where we have another blog with different information on this subject.


No matter how good you think your manuscript or article is you’ll always find something to change. At some point you have to let go.

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Come join us today at the SMP author site where we’ll talk about why collaborative writing works for us. Hope you’ll drop by and leave us a comment. We’ll be back here next week with more new content.

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Please join us today at the Soul Mate Authors group where we will be blogging about ABC television’s The Bachelor proposal.  Just click  Here to be redirected. to the site. We’ll be back on our blog site next week. Hope to see you then, too.

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Today we will be guest blogging at Soul Mate Publishing Author Group. Please click on the link to join us. We’re excited to be part of the Soul Mate Publishing house and are looking forward to the publication of our first book in the Turning Stone Chronicles series The Promised One.

We’ll be back at our own blog site next week with more writing tips.

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