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Wednesday Special Spotlight

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Never Turn Your Back…

Never Reveal Your Name…

Never surrender Your Heart…


Madison Sinclair is a smart-mouthed photographer that enjoys the simple things in life. Recently landing a job at one of Manhattan’s top imaging companies, she works hard to prove herself but often falls short of the mark. Taking pictures of the New York scenery, relaxing at home with a glass of wine, and caring for her stray cat is the highlight of her day. But when her best friend convinces her into covering a charity event thrown by a handsome billionaire, Madison’s life suddenly becomes anything but simple as she finds herself in a constant race for survival. There is nowhere she can turn, no one she can trust.

Seth Reynolds has been in the game a long time. He knows how to get in, get a job done, and get out with no complications and no witnesses. Trained to be cold and heartless, he is committed to follow through with this mission no matter what. Racing against an impossible time table, everything is in place to take out the madman intent on destroying New York City. But when the naïve Madison Sinclair stumbles into his world, all of his carefully laid plans go to hell.

Determined to do what is right at all costs, Seth must choose between the rules he’s lived by his entire life or saving Madison from a fate worse than death. If he follows orders, he will be an unsung hero, saving millions of innocent people. But if he risks his own life for Madison’s, the entire city will be in jeopardy. The choice should be easy. Risk one to save many. That’s the unbreakable code of The Perfect Order. But now, without even trying, Madison has gotten under his skin and inside his heart. With the fate of the city resting in his hands, how he can do the right thing when he no longer knows what that is?

Angel in the Ahadows_500x750EXCERPT:

Just like Seth, the Porsche was dark, mysterious, and masculine. Things were not improving. She shied away from thinking about that monster in the alleyway, the one that had his hands on her, touching her. She couldn’t think of that now because she would come apart completely. So she focused on Seth instead and used the anger that had been building up for the lost several hours. God, she really needed to get away from him. But she needed to understand what she was up against. And that was nearly impossible since Seth was refusing to tell her anything. The sneaky bastard! She would just have to figure out a way to make him talk.

Making her voice as strong and determined as she could, she looked at him and said, “I have a right to know what is going on.”

He didn’t even look in her direction. “Your rights end when and where I say they do.  Don’t push me too far Miss Sinclair. You won’t like the result,” he warned.

This guy was really beginning to piss her off. “Damn you! Tell me what the hell is going on!”

A ghost of a smile crossed his soft lips, drawing her attention to them. He remembered how they felt on hers. She shoved that away before the annoying lust could distract her from her plan of action.

“Damn me? Sorry to ruin your little tirade but I’ve been damned for a very long time. Nothing you can say or do can make it worse,” Seth’s voice was low and quiet, reflective.

She must have imagined the small amount of emotion in his voice. But real or not, it cooled some of her anger, making her wonder again just who the hell this guy was. Definitely not the self-effacing personal assistant she had taken him for just yesterday. But as intriguing as that question may be, she had no intentions to stick around and find out the answer. There was the saying about curiosity killing the cat and as curious as she was, learning that particular bit information was not something she was willing to die for. Maybe if she could open the door and jump out. But he was going so fast. He didn’t slow down much as he took the corners but maybe that small change in speed would make the difference between getting injured and being killed. At this point, she didn’t think she had much to lose by trying. Furtively, she reached over and gripped the door handle, waiting for the next turn.

“Don’t think you can try jumping out when I slow down. You really don’t want to make me angrier than I am now.” Seth’s voice was calm and soft, not betraying any emotion but she had enough sense to be afraid. Releasing the door handle, she crossed her arms over her chest, her hands balled into tight fists. Man, she wanted to just sock him!

Beside her, Seth shrugged indifferently. “Then again, maybe you should jump out. Though it would probably be suicide. I’m not sure how you feel about dying but at least I wouldn’t have to save you again.”

“I never asked you to save me. You did that on your own,” Madison replied heatedly.

“My mistake.  Next time, I’ll just let them have you.”

“Next time?  Who says there’s going to be a next time?”

Another uncaring shrug of his strong shoulders. “Just call it an educated guess.”

Scowling, she asked, “Why even take the time to save me? You’re just going to kill me.”

“I never said I was going to kill you.”

“No, but you didn’t say you weren’t either.”

“Touché” He turned to her with a small, tight lipped smile.

“Why don’t you just tell me what is going on?”

He sighed, exasperated. “If I tell you anything, you’re as good as dead.”

His threat was ominous but she sensed he was telling her the truth this time. Considering the circumstances, that fact wasn’t exactly encouraging. But maybe his honesty would continue for a while longer.

“I’m probably a dead woman anyway so there’s really no harm in satisfying my curiosity is there? Consider it a last request.” Madison tried to sound brave and add some humor to her situation. As long as she could remain lighthearted, she would be able to keep her wits about her so maybe she could get out of this thing alive.

“I applaud you for your attempt at levity. But believe it or not, this situation is not funny in the least and it’s not my intention to see you dead, Miss Sinclair.”

She twisted in the seat, facing him, one eyebrow raised questioningly. “No? Then just what are your intentions Mr. Reynolds?”

“I really can’t tell you. You’re just going to have to trust me.”

“I don’t think so.”

“You know,” he replied lightly, “if you would have trusted me in the first place, your friend would still be alive.”


A little bit about the author Amy Deason:Amy Deason IMG01537

Amy learned to read at the tender age of three. Once she started, she never stopped. Growing up, she could always be found snuggled in some quiet corner with her nose stuck in one book after another. Her desire to read soon led to her passion for writing. As a child and teenager, Amy wrote poetry and short stories for her family and friends, delighting them with her vast imagination. From child to adult, she has continued to read everything she can get her hands on. Her love for a good book knows no boundaries and crosses every genre imaginable.

Amy currently lives in NW Arkansas with her wonderful husband, Shaun, and three energetic children. But of course their family would not be complete without their two loveable shih tzus, Tucker and Dylan. Recently, they welcomed a new addition to their household, a rambunctious boxer puppy named Buck, and since then, their lives have never been the same.

When Amy’s not working or writing, or possibly sneaking in a few quiet minutes of quiet reading, she can be found with her family riding bicycles around town, playing sports, watching movies, or taking pictures. (Although she takes so many photographs, the kids try to run and hide every time she breaks out the camera).


Amy would love to hear from you. You can reach her several ways:

Website: http://www.amydeason.wordpress.com/


She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter(@Ames13011), and Ask.fm(AmesGrace13011) or you can email her at DeasonDozier13011@yahoo.com.

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Wednesday Special Spotlight

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Kim Loraine’s

Book Release



Restoration’s release day is today.

20150403 Restoration #7b Final (medium 600X900) copy


After the tragic death of her fiancé, Grace McConnell turns to the only remaining constant in her life, her work. So when she’s offered the lead position for an international restoration project, she jumps at the chance to get away from her small town, full of John’s memories.

Drew Tensley has always been a hard worker. Dedicated to his family and community, he put aside his own London career to take over the family business after his mother’s terminal diagnosis. Five years later, he’s ready to start living for himself when he literally runs into his hometown’s newest architect.

Grace quickly discovers that traveling half-way across the world was the best decision she’s ever made. Until she meets Drew, a man whose personality and lifestyle are the exact opposite of John’s, but whose face is the spitting image. Struggling with her own motivations and feelings, research uncovers secrets she isn’t ready for; secrets that could ruin her second chance for true love.



     Grace’s phone, practically an extra appendage by now, buzzed as she walked in to the grocery store. She perused the aisles—her focus drifting from her phone to the items in her small basket. She was so engrossed in her email, she didn’t see the tall man in the aisle she was turning down. That is, until she collided with him. With a crash, his groceries fell to the floor, creating a disastrous mess of broken eggs, spilled milk, and loose tea.

     “Oh, my God!” She bent down to try and salvage the dry groceries he’d had. “I am so sorry. I’m such an idiot. Are you all right?”

     “It’s my fault, really. I should’ve been watching where you were going,” he said, a smile in his voice.

     “No, no. Let me pay for these,” she insisted, still not looking at him. Her eyes were focused on the mess she’d made.

     Long, thin fingers reached out to still her hands. “Please stop. It’s quite all right. No harm done.”

     She looked up to protest and found herself staring into eyes a familiar shade of melted chocolate, framed by dark eyebrows raised in a quizzical expression. Her heart thumped in her chest and she almost forgot to breathe.


     “Are you well? Miss?” the man asked.

     “I … I … have to go,” she stuttered the words, barely able to form a sentence. Heart racing, she turned and ran out of the store, leaving the man with no explanation and a mess on his hands.

     Valerie was waiting for her on the porch when she arrived home.

     “Did you see him?” Was all she asked.

     “I saw him. I saw him at the airport and now the grocery store. I think I’ve lost my mind. ”

     “Who did you see?”


     Valerie sat in shocked silence.

     “Not only did I see him, I ran into him, literally. Broke his eggs and ran away.” She felt herself spinning out of control.

     “Grace.” Valerie touched her arm.

     Grace stood and shook her head. “I know it’s not him, but he looks … Their eyes are exactly the same.”


Buy link for Restoration: http://amzn.com/B00VS8X28U


Where to find Kim Loraine:

Web site: http://www.kimlorainewriter.com/

Follow me on Twitter: @kimloraine2

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/kimlorainewriter

Contact Kim at: kimlorainewriter@gmail.com


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Friday Feature


Zen DiPietro

Author of

Seeking Sorrow


Zen is sharing with us the five inspirations behind her book

Seeking Sorrow.


Inspiration can come from so many places. A book is a tapestry of imaginings and inspirations, tossed together and stirred around. For every book ever written, I’d bet there is a completely different set of inspirations. Here’s a look at what inspired Seeking Sorrow.

Music. The big, important scenes of this book each were written with a specific song in mind. Actually, the songs often played on a loop while I was writing.

Movies. Beautiful imagery like the forest in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the Shire in Lord of the Rings served well for imagining Terath, which is lush and verdant. Also, the dark imagery of The Battle at Helm’s Deep in LOTR reminded me of the grimness I wanted to portray.

Other books. Not in a copycat way, but imagination begets more imagination. When you let a story in, it can change you. You find some little bit of something that resonates and turn it around in your mind until it evolves into something unique. There’s a reason that writers are also avid readers.

Photos. I found pictures that represented my characters and saved them as a background on my computer so I could look at them and really imagine them talking, laughing, and existing as real people.

Life. The old adage is “write what you know.” Every single day is an opportunity to find some moment, some idea that is the seed that can grow into something wonderful. There are pieces of things I love in this book, from a favorite childhood doll to a love of dance.

Inspirations can be inside a single moment, such as a gesture or a facial expression. What’s inspired you lately?



An earth-like world of high-tech humans faces the reality that their world is not as safe as they thought it was. Five people are thrown together to quietly get to the bottom of an unfathomable mana event that must stay quiet. If the population of Terath becomes aware of the truth, it will spark a civil war. That war would pit the majority of the population against the powerful minority with the ability to harness and manipulate mana. The resulting cataclysm would decimate the population and tear apart the foundation of society.

The five people chosen for this must reconsider everything they thought they knew about mana, even as they learn to trust one another’s abilities. They must embrace everything they never wanted in order to prevent the devastation of their world. One of them will be forever changed. Love will be denied, badassery will be unleashed, and Terath will never be the same.

Even success comes at a price.

Buy Link for Seeking Sorrow: http://amzn.com/B00UMA9X5Q


Zen’s BIO:

Zen DiPietro is a lifelong bookworm, a fantasy/sci-fi writer, a dancer, and a mom of two.20150327 DiPietro headshot Also red-haired, left-handed, and a vegetarian geek. Absolutely terrible at conforming. Particular loves include badass heroines, Star Trek, British accents, baba ganoush, and the smell of Band-Aids. Writing reviews, author interviews, and fun stuff at http://www.womenofbadassery.com/. Very active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Zen’s links:

Website: http://www.womenofbadassery.com/

Twitter: @ZenDiPietro

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/zendipietro/


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24973127-guardians-of-terath?from_search=true


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Friday Features


Larynn Ford

Author of


New book reveal from Soul Mate Publishing.

20140822 DreamsDoComeTrue_HIGH


The vicious slaughter of cattle brings Lynzi and Layne, a Fae raised in the human world, to the aid of his human parents. A neighbor with a grudge has returned to the area to settle a score.

Having accepted the reality of her new life with her Fae fiancé, Lynzi is only mildly shocked to find the tall tales her granddaddy told so many years ago about black panthers roaming the woods near their home were not only true but also had a twist, those panthers were two natured . . . werepanthers.

Now, it’s up to Lynzi and Layne to stop the slaughter and help bring down the big cats.


Bio:20140822 Larynn Ford

Larynn Ford began reading romance in her early teens and became interested in writing in high school. She’s a daydreamer and a romantic who is intrigued by the paranormal and loves to let her mind wander, always searching for a happily ever after ending to her dreams.

Reading became a renewed passion in 2006, she fell in love with romance all over again, and began thinking how much fun it would be to create a fantasy world all her own. Some of those worlds are in book form now. She’s going to keep writing, dreaming, and searching for her own happily-ever-after.


Links to find Larynn:

Website/Blog: http://www.larynnford.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LarynnFord

Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/larynnfordauthor

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Larynn-Ford/e/B00CELS1V8/

Buy Link: Dreams Do Come True…I’ll send as soon as I have it:)

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Today we welcome


Victoria Pinder

With her new book

Chaperoning Paris

20140612 Chaperoning_Paris_Final_1_SMALL_2_(3)

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Date Published: 06/11/2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Purchase Link


Gigi Dumont never forgot how she walked away from the only man she ever loved.

She’s a teacher who has led her students to the finals of an international French competition to be help in Paris. The night before the trip, the Principal tries to cancel the trip before he, in turn, loses his job to her high school boyfriend, Sean Collins.

Sean Collins has survived cancer, a divorce, and Gigi having aborted their child back in high school. He assumed he’d hate her, if they ever crossed paths again. But he discovers she’s exactly what he wants.

When Gigi and Sean are stuck together for a week in Paris, Gigi feels she has lost all her control. How can she survive her attraction to Sean? The man’s sexier now than he was back in the day, and once upon a time, he’d had her heart. She finds herself falling for him, even knowing forever is impossible.

Book Trailer 


Payback time. Standing in his mother’s kitchen, Sean Collins smiled as he hung up the phone.

He hovered at the phone for a moment, then charged along the carpeted hallway to his bedroom. In a flash, he changed from his T-shirt and jeans into his black pin stripe king-of-the-business-world suit complete with black tie and shiny black shoes.

Finished dressing, Sean jittered at the door and listened to his son talking nonstop to his mother upstairs. His skin tingled and he closed his eyes. At least moving to his parents’ country estate where he had grown up on Cape Cod had been good for everyone.

Breakfast could wait. He grabbed the keys on the counter downstairs, and he called upstairs, “I’m leaving. I won’t be gone long.”

Last year, the school principal had fired him with bogus charges. Sean had sworn on every holy book that he’d been fired because his doctors had discovered cancer in a routine physical exam.

The sickness sucked. But he’d survived. And now he used his vast wealth to get what he wanted. No teacher should be treated so callously. He had taken the job at the time to prove to himself he had more choices than being the chief financial officer of his father’s corporation.

He set his jaw and walked outside to his car, where the smell of freshly cut grass hit his senses.

The moment he stepped outside and headed toward the garage, Sean stared at the vast forested area on the property for a moment and pressed his lips together. Trees made sense. Women never had. His luck with women had been bad from the start. His first girlfriend, Gigi Dumont, had left him for parts unknown, and then later his wife, now his ex, Jennifer, had also left. She’d played with a whole set of loose scruples. But Jennifer hadn’t hurt him, not like Gigi had. Sean rolled his shoulders. Why did everything in his life always seem to go back to Gigi leaving?

He fished out his keys from his pocket. And now Gigi had moved back into the house next door.

Sean opened the garage door. A quick click of a button and the gate lifted.

Last night he hadn’t slept. Today his shoulders were straight. This moment had nothing to do with women and everything to do with justice. His fingers traced the shiny finish of his brother Gerard’s Aston Martin. Without blinking, he opted to borrow the car. He’d be early and outshine everyone else. Gerard had offered to loan it to him specifically for today. Sean licked his lips and turned the key, igniting the engine, and took off.

A daydream flashed in his eyes. Principal Murray’s jaw dropped to the ground in shock the second Sean stepped inside the office with the papers.

Sean clutched the wheel. He intended to twist the knife even further. People like Mr. Murray gave businessmen around the world the reputation of cold, heartless automatons, especially when he claimed the firing had been over “job performance.” Every one of Sean’s students had passed the state assessments.

Now, Sean ran the finances for his parents, his father’s company, and his brothers. The support of his family to get him through cancer treatments had been phenomenal, but what if he hadn’t had that support? What if he’d had no money to pay for treatments? He’d be dead because the principal had fired him due to the insurance increases. Well, now Sean had a better solution.

He sped down the country road for the half-hour trip. During his horrible marriage to Jennifer, he’d worked as a teacher, and his students had achieved both academic and social successes. Jennifer had been the nightmare that drove Sean away from Collins Industries, Collins Enterprises, Collins Investments, and Collins Mutual, to list a few of his father’s multiple companies. Post divorce and cancer, Sean had made the decision to offer employees packages in cases of sickness. Anyone who worked for him would now receive a payoff equal to the job performance done over the years as part of a settlement. Money paid hospital bills.

Sean’s stomach clenched as he gazed at the sign for the Barnstable Charter High School parking lot. Sean parked Gerard’s fancy lawyer wheels that screamed “out to impress” right next to the about-to-be-sacked principal’s BMW sedan. The Aston Martin made the perfect goodbye gesture. Murray had been outclassed.

Sean leaned forward in his seat, refusing to feel guilty. He waited for the school bell to ring and watched students bounding outside.

Unlike most people, his family had money, and normally he wouldn’t like flaunting wealth. His Jeep Wrangler suited him just fine, but today he needed to look like the elite businessman he was. He stepped out a minute later, and in a fast walk, he strode down the halls. Sean winked the second he saw the school guard’s shocked face.

“You had cancer?” asked the older African American lady who coached the wrestling team.

“Yes, I did. I’m better now,” Sean said, smiling.

He inclined his head and passed the security desk then Sean turned right toward the principal’s office.

In his briefcase he carried the school board’s ruling and the proof of sale of the school to Collins Enterprises. Barnstable was a private school that followed school board law. The sale to his company had been finalized, but Sean had insisted on telling Murray in person. The minutes of the meeting would be posted at one that day. Victory waited for him, and justice tasted better than homemade chocolate chip cookies.

In the office, the overqualified secretary, Mattie, dropped her pencil on the floor. Sean made eye contact with her and the older woman smiled back. Then he picked up the pencil in stride, and handed it back to her. She opened her mouth to speak, and he shook his head, placing his finger over his lips to silently request her silence.

She smiled her response and swiveled her chair back to her computer.

He had seen Mattie in action and understood the older woman had known how to treat people more than anyone else in the office.

Outside the principal’s door, Sean straightened his tie into perfect alignment. His heart rate sped up and his entire body became alert then he heard her voice.

Gigi, or should he say, Giovanna Dumont. Her quiet, sweet voice unmanned him, making his palms sweat. Why would she be here? And how could she still steal his breath away?

Author Bio:20140612 ProfessionalPic

Victoria Pinder grew up in Irish Catholic Boston before moving to the Miami sun. She’s worked in engineering, after passing many tests proving how easy Math came to her. Then hating her life at the age of twenty four, she decided to go to law school. Four years later, after passing the bar and practicing very little, she realized that she hates the practice of law. She refused to one day turn 50 and realize she had nothing but her career and hours at a desk. After realizing she needed change, she became a high school teacher. Teaching is rewarding, but writing is a passion.

During all this time, she always wrote stories to entertain herself or calm down. Her parents are practical minded people demanding a job, and Victoria spent too many years living other people’s dreams, but when she sat down to see what skill she had that matched what she enjoyed doing, writing became so obvious. The middle school year book when someone wrote in it that one day she’d be a writer made sense when she turned thirty.

Besides her full time job of teaching, in 2013 and 2014, she sold on her own books to three different publishers. The Zoastra Affair, Chaperoning Paris, Borrowing the Doctor, and Electing Love will be published from Soul mate Publishing. Mything the Throne will be published with Double Dragon Ebooks. Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush will be published with Jupiter Press.

Now she is represented by Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency and she hopes to continue selling the novels that she writes. Moving up to the next level from hard work and determination is rewarding, and partnerships bring new opportunities.

Also she’s the Vice President of Programs for the Florida Romance Writers. She’s gone to multiple conferences and intends to continue. She learns and meets so many people at conferences. Her website is http://www.victoriapinder.com, and she’ll continue to grow her web presence. She is working hard on other projects and found the time to plan her wedding this year.

Before writing, her father had taken her to many star trek conventions and on her own she grew up as the only girl in the 90s at the comic book store. Science Fiction was her first love, but contemporary romance was her second. She’s sticking with contemporaries for the near future.

Member of Florida Romance Writers, Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter of RWA, Celtic Hearts and Savvy Authors.

Where to Contact Victoria

Website   Facebook   Twitter   Blog


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Celebrate! Celebrate! We’re doing the happy dance at our house today!

Today is release day for our paranormal romance debut book The Promised One, book number one of The Turning Stone Chronicles series from Soul Mate Publishing. Right now it’s available as an e-book from Amazon.com, but will be out later as a print book.


And while we’re on the subject of books, we’d like to announce that we’ve also signed two more contracts for book two and three of this series.


Now we have to get down to business, take our own writing advice, and get to work. Book two is 3/4 of the way finished. We’ve already had a couple of “plotting trips” to Michigan and Virginia to fill in that book’s plotting holes and do some more plotting on book three. And since we came back from our last trip we’ve been concentrating on getting a handle on Twitter and Facebook and Goodreads. We’re not there yet, but we’ll be making that jump any day now. In terms of social media, we are behind.

With that in mind, here’s our tip for today:

Don’t wait until your book is sold to figure out the social media stuff. Get your website up and learn how to manage it. Make your social connections with Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and whatever else you can. Build your platform and social tribe following before you ever sell the first book. The learning curve on social media can be really steep for the non-technical person (like Catherine). If you’re not prepared it can feel like you are drowning in a sea of emails, tweets, comments, and likes. Swimming in them is much more fun.

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