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The Dragon Chronicles Book 3: Healing


D.R. Grady

Today we have D.R. Grady with us to share the background of her Dragon Chronicles. The series sounds very interesting and without further interruption here is D.R.

The Dragon Chronicles series comprises three books, with a different couple per book. It wasn’t always set up this way. When I first started this series, the intention was for five books, all in the point of view of the dragon and her controller. The plan was for the other characters to play secondary roles throughout the five book arc.

Imagine my surprise when an editor I queried informed me those types of series don’t sell and a trusted editorial friend verified her statement. During a period of devastation based on this information, I had to rethink the entire series. Since I already had the two other couples in place, I changed the concept to the three part series with each of the three couples getting their own book. You still see plenty of these characters throughout the series, as I’m a serial writer and nosy. (I need to know what happens to previous characters!) These six characters play a major role in the outcome of the book, and it’s fun to see their interactions throughout the series.

This book, The Dragon Chronicles Book 3: Healing is the conclusion of the series. All six main characters are present, as well as a bevy of additional, and interesting, ones.

In this final book, two powerful healers, Ewain and Marissa set sparks off each other, while all three couples learn more about themselves and their abilities. Lindy and Alex, the dragon and her dragon controller, with the help of Ewain and Marissa, and their fellow Healer Keely and her alpha mate, Hugh, must combat a force so negative it leaves a path of destruction akin to several natural disasters.

The Dragon Chronicles Book 3: Healing is available now!


Healers Ewain Douglass and Marissa Mays work and live in close confines. Too bad they set sparks off each other. They struggle to remain civil and professional, until the enemy targets Marissa.

Meanwhile, the dragon and her controller are still learning all can about their abilities. The dragon has called her allies together to face a war for their very lives. Ewain and Marissa don’t have time to declare war on each other.HEALING


“I’m fine.” Marissa held up a hand as she set the finished infusion on the bench to cool.

Ewain stalked across the lab, his eyes never leaving her. “You nearly died.”

A long sigh escaped but then he caught her up in his arms, holding her too tight. She stiffened briefly, but it was nice here. His rigid muscles eased after a few heartbeats. He breathed in as though smelling her hair then his hand tunneled into it.

“Bad session with Phil?” Keeping her voice at a murmur shouldn’t rile him up.

“The latest nightmare I had was about you.” His voice sounded raw.

She stilled. “I thought your nightmares were all related to the dragon. And Lindy.”

“The first two related to them. But this latest bad dream was about you.”

Pulling away from him, she peered into his face. “What happened?”

“The enemy wanted you and I prevented him from taking you.”

“How do you know it was me?”

“I didn’t. Phil did.”

He sucked in a long, shaky breath she felt. Leaning back, she cupped his face. “Ewain, what’s wrong?”

“I woke before I knew whether I saved her.” Anguish threaded his bleak whisper.

Her mind blanked for the space of several inhalations, before she caught on. “You didn’t know if you saved this woman?”

He swallowed and his Adam’s apple bobbed. “No. It drove me crazy, but then Phil assured me I did thwart the enemy’s attempt on you.” He swallowed again. “Then Keely’s theory—” He left off to exhale long and loud.

“And he tried to harm me. But Ewain, the moonbeam potion and Lindy’s fyre saved me. I wasn’t tortured long. All I’m feeling is a little tired and some muscle aches now.” She cupped his face a little tighter. “I’m fine.”

Ewain didn’t say anything for several heartbeats. He just studied her with those gray eyes. Then his hand slid further into her hair and he leaned down to take her lips in a kiss that wasn’t sweet, or gentle.

She clutched his face tighter, keeping it right there, so he couldn’t end the kiss too soon. Her heart pounded, skipping beats, maybe even belting out a happy refrain.

The Dragon Chronicles Book 3: Healing is available now!D.R. Grady photo

D.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes, and writing stories that resonate with others.

Website   Twitter    Amazon Author page    Facebook Page    Google+


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Friday Feature

A visit with

C.D. Hersh

Authors of

The Turning Stone Chronicles

Yes, dear reader we’re going to do a little self promotion and sharing from behind the screen. The computer screen that is not the other, get your minds out of the gutter. So what shall we talk about?

How about why we write as co-authors?

The easy answer is that it is fun. The other answer is that we always have something to talk about. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything other than our stories to talk about but when the mundane, everyday things become boring we can go off into our writing world and have fun. We are never going to be like those folks you see in restaurants who just sit there eating not saying a word to each other. We have romance and romantic settings to create and enjoy, mysteries to solve, and people to kill, on paper (LOL). Just hope the wrong people are not eavesdropping on our conversations.

In our Turning Stone Chronicles, we have a unique take on shape-shifters.

As we developed the concept we decided that we wanted something different than the normal were-shape shifters. In reality, we can thank Donald’s psychology courses for the idea of the various forms of shifting. One of the psyche theories is that we all have three parts to our psyche, commonly called id, ego and super-ego. We added a twist to that theory using male, female, and animal egos, and a magic ring that could tap the various forms. So our folks have various forms to take but, there are some consequences if you are doing evil.

In the first book of the series, THE PROMISED ONE, the partnership between Rhys and Alexi has been described as extremely powerful and that hits you immediately from the beginning of the book. So here is a brief excerpt that shows that partnership.

Tucking his gift under her arm, she started to leave.

“Hey.” He pointed at the other gifts. “Aren’t you going to add yours?”

“Nope. I’ll give it to you later, when we’re alone.”

“Ooh. Something special. Mineral or animal?” His right eyebrow raised, his smile growing.

Alexi laughed. “Just embarrassing.”

“For you or for me?”

“I’m not telling.”

Sidling close to her, he backed her against the wall. “Come on. Just a hint,” he said, a purr in his tone as he placed his hand on the wall next to her shoulder and moved into her personal space with the ease of a lover. One of his famous melt-the-girl looks smoldered in his gaze. The golden flecks in his green eyes lit up like fireworks. Hot fireworks.

Enjoying his closeness and the raw sensuality emanating from him, she lingered for a minute, then slowly moved away. Standing this close she could get burned, and she wasn’t ready to play with fire . . . not yet. She shook her head. “Not a chance.”

He crossed his arms, obviously irked that she hadn’t succumbed. “My irresistible charms work on everyone else. Why not you?”

Oh, if you only knew. She had to fight to resist him. She flashed him a smile. “Because I’m special. And I’m your partner. Keeping your back safe is more important than getting you on your back.”

He laughed, a deep, throaty, and utterly sexy sound.

She locked her knees to keep from melting into a puddle.

“I like the sound of that.”

Of course you would. She felt her face flame.


The series is a paranormal romance about folks who use magic to shape shift, and it is not the ordinary animal shape shifting. We think readers will be surprised. Amazon reviewers have called the story line “totally unique,” and “a book that keeps you turning the pages to the end.”

InDtale Magazine review said “The Promised One” takes paranormal and turns it on its ear, taking shape-shifting to a whole other level. The bad guy perspective is particularly unique and fun, and the characters three-dimensional. . .”

The series is to be six books with the first three already out on Amazon and the fourth due sometime this summer. Here is a little more about the series, each book and links to them.Tweet-series-banner

TITLE: The Turning Stone Chronicles

GENRE: Urban fantasy, Paranormal, Romance



Three ancient Celtic families. A magical Bloodstone that enables the wearers to shape shift. A charge to use the stone’s power to benefit mankind, and a battle, that is going on even today, to control the world. Can the Secret Society of shape shifters called the Turning Stone Society heal itself and bring peace to our world?

Find out in The Series The Turning Stone Chronicles

Book one of the chronicles titled “The Promised One” currently available on Amazon in eBook: http://amzn.com/B00DUMODKI and paperback: http://amzn.com/1619353504

In the wrong hands, the Turning Stone ring is a powerful weapon for evil. So, when homicide detective Alexi Jordan discovers her secret society mentor has been murdered and his magic ring stolen, she is forced to use her shape-shifting powers to catch the killer. By doing so, she risks the two most important things in her life—her badge and the man she loves.

Rhys Temple always knew his fiery cop partner and would-be-girlfriend, Alexi Jordan, had a few secrets. He considers that part of her charm. But when she changes into a man, he doesn’t find that as charming. He’ll keep her secret to keep her safe, but he’s not certain he can keep up a relationship—professional or personal.

Danny Shaw needs cash for the elaborate wedding his fiancée has planned, so he goes on a mugging spree. But when he kills a member of the secret society of Turning Stones, and steals a magic ring that gives him the power to shape shift, Shaw gets more than he bargained for.

Book two of The Turning Stone Chronicles titled “Blood Brothers” currently available in eBook on Amazon at: http://amzn.com/B00OVNFC8W and paperback: http://amzn.com/1619358271

When Delaney Ramsey is enlisted to help train two of the most powerful shape shifters the Turning Stone Society has seen in thousands of years, she suspects one of them is responsible for the disappearance of her daughter. To complicate matters, the man has a secret that could destroy them all. Bound by honor to protect the suspect, Delaney must prove his guilt without losing her life to his terrible powers or revealing to the police captain she’s falling for that she’s a shape shifter with more than one agenda.

The minute Captain Williams lays eyes on Delaney Ramsey, he knows she’s trouble. Uncooperative, secretive, and sexy, he can’t get her out of his mind. When he discovers she has a personal agenda for sifting through all the criminal records in his precinct, and secretly investigating his best detective, he can’t let her out of his sight. He must find out what she’s looking for before she does something illegal. If she steps over the line, he’s not certain he can look the other way for the sake of love.

Book three of The Turning Stone Chronicles titled “Son of the Moonless Night” currently available in eBook on Amazon at: http://amzn.com/B00XK3E172

Owen Todd Jordan Riley has a secret. He’s a shape shifter who has been hunting and killing his own kind. To him the only good shifter is a dead shifter. Revenge for the death of a friend motivates him, and nothing stands in his way . . . except Katrina Romanovski, the woman he is falling in love with.

Deputy coroner Katrina Romanovski has a secret, too. She hunts and kills paranormal beings like Owen. At least she did. When she rescues Owen from an attack by a werebear she is thrust back into the world she thought she’d left. Determined to find out what Owen knows about the bear, she begins a relationship meant to collect information. What she gets is something quite different-love with a man she suspects of murder. Can she reconcile his deception and murderous revenge spree and find a way to redeem him? Or will she condemn him for the same things she has done and walk away from love?

Book four of The Turning Stone Chronicles titled “The Mercenary & the Shifters” coming late summer 2016.

A desperate call from an ex-military buddy lands a mercenary soldier in the middle of a double kidnapping, caught in an ancient shape shifter war, and ensnared between two female shape shifters after the same thing … him.


Social Media Info:

Facebook   Amazon Author Page   Twitter   Goodreads


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Friday Features


D.R. Grady

Author of

The Dragon Chronicles Book 2: Shifting


D.R. Grady has stopped by to share her new book, The Dragon Chronicles Book 2: Shifting, and an interesting thought about shifting. Her heroine has a unique problem in she shifting world and D.R. points out how we can relate to the characters problem. Take it away D.R.

Thank you.

Many of us have encountered that heart-dropping situation where we attend a function, stand with a group of like-minded people, and realize we don’t belong. It’s an uncomfortable, sometimes antagonistic place, to be present, yet not accepted. Not fitting in is one of the most uncomfortable social situations to face.

But, what if this terrible dilemma has shaped your entire life? For Dr. Keely Bennett, this is her reality. She is supposedly a part of the Bennett family, but not really, because Keely has never shifted into a wolf. Therefore, she has never felt like a true member of her own family. In her mind, she’s always been lacking.

Her new mate, a wolf, and his pack only exacerbate this difference. Can she overcome her fears and faults to be the woman Hugh Blackwolfe needs? Or will she allow this inability to govern her life?

D.R. that makes for an interesting point of view. Now here is a bit about the book and an excerpt.


Dr. Keely Bennett, a healer at Paranym University, can’t shift.

Her mate, Hugh Blackwolfe doesn’t mind—but his pack sure does. Hugh is the strongest alpha on the east coast and the pack’s single females challenge Keely, forcing her to find a shifter willing to meet and win this challenge for her, so that she and Hugh can mate.

Keely’s dragon best friend, Lindy, with her controller and mate, Alex, also struggle with shifting. They must learn the nuances of how Lindy shifts, and soon.

After several random attacks, and with an unknown enemy gunning for all of them, time may be running out. As if Keely doesn’t already feel unworthy, the dragon appears to be calling everyone but her to her team of allies.20160115 Book 2 Shifting_805x1275 (2)


A vehicle careened into the compound. It scattered wolves as it barreled into the circle, and with a screeching of brakes that nearly burst his eardrums, halted right in front of him.

The crazy driver spilled from the vehicle and the fresh scent of his mate soothed the fire. Keely.

He took a deeper breath, pulling her inside so it didn’t hurt as bad.

Cool fingers brushed over his face. Keely’s scent washed over him, stronger than before. “Hugh, stay with me.” Her voice was like salve to his throbbing ears.

“You need to get your brakes fixed.”

A startled laugh burst from her and still those cool fingers. Something tugged at his shirt. When had he shifted back to his human form?

He stilled and reached out to grasp Keely’s wrist. “You can’t be here.”

“Nonsense. I’m a healer. You’re my mate.” Cool morning air danced over his side where the rabid wolf had slashed him. It felt good.

Until Keely applied something that stung like fire antag poison. He jackknifed, clamping a hand over his fiery side and gaped at her. His heart leaped in his chest. She was fresh and dewy as the morning, her soothing scent surrounding him. Yet the worry in her eyes and the grim lines around her mouth stole from the picture.

“Okay, into the truck with you.” She hunkered to help him gain his feet.

“Um, Keely.” Jason stepped forward. His eyebrows touched over his nose.

“Help me get him into my vehicle.”

The command in her voice sent Jason into motion. He gestured to another man, a beta named Brian. Both men shouldered his weight as Keely yanked open the passenger door. She directed them to fasten Hugh in the passenger seat. Then she turned to his betas.

“Destroy this wolf.” She pointed to the dead brown wolf. “Make certain you cleanse the earth far below and surrounding it.”

Jason nodded. “We will.”

“Keep all the young close. Do not allow them out alone. And none of you should wander off into the woods alone either.” Keely glanced around the circle. “You also need to start arming yourselves. Shoot anything rabid on sight.”

She rounded the front of the vehicle. It took her mere seconds to turn the engine and roar out of the compound.

“Keely,” he stated, but the inferno flashed through him, turning his insides to liquid. Hugh clamped his teeth instead.

“Just stay quiet.”

“What did you do?”

“I applied something to thwart the rabies, at least slow it down. I’ve never used it on a powerful alpha before though.”

“It slows the process?”

“Yes, usually.” Her mouth tightened.


“But again, you’re a powerful alpha. I don’t know if it will work on you.”

“You can at least slow it down?” Maybe he could set his affairs and pack in order before he died.

“Yes. This way we can figure out a cure.”

His exclamation strangled as more intense heat melted his internal organs. “Baby, there is no cure for this. I’m dying.”

Her glare further scalded him. “I’m a healer.” Keely’s sniff even stopped some of the flashfire as it spread, igniting everything inside him.

Nausea churned his stomach. “I really wanted to mate with you.” Clammy sweat coated his body.

“If you give up on me, Hugh Blackwolfe . . .” Her jaw hardened.

His lips curled for a moment, before he snarled through the pain. “I love you too.”


If this has your interest you can get the book here


Now for a little bit about the author and where to find her:20160115 D.R. Grady photo

D.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes, and writing stories that resonate with others.




Amazon Author page

Facebook Page



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Wednesday Special Spotlight

Shines on

Son of the Moonless Night


SON OF THE MOONLESS NIGHT_805x1275Title – Son of the Moonless Night, The Turning Stone Chronicles, book three

Author – C.D. Hersh

Genre – Paranormal Suspense Romance

Heat Level – Sensual

Release Date: May 27th, 2015


Thrust back into the world of paranormal huntress, Deputy Coroner Katrina Romanovski must unravel a string of murders she believes are vampire attacks. When she discovers the shape shifter she’s in love with is the murderer, she must reconcile her feelings for him, examine her life of violence against paranormals, and justify deceiving him in order to bring him to justice.


Owen Todd Jordan Riley has a secret. He’s a shape shifter who has been hunting and killing his own kind. To him the only good shifter is a dead shifter. Revenge for the death of a friend motivates him, and nothing stands in his way . . . except Katrina Romanovski, the woman he is falling in love with.

Deputy coroner Katrina Romanovski has a secret, too. She hunts and kills paranormal beings like Owen. At least she did. When she rescues Owen from an attack by a werebear she is thrust back into the world she thought she’d left. Determined to find out what Owen knows about the bear, she begins a relationship meant to collect information. What she gets is something quite different-love with a man she suspects of murder. Can she reconcile his deception and murderous revenge spree and find a way to redeem him? Or will she condemn him for the same things she has done and walk away from love?


A crash in the alley stopped Katrina Romanovski mid-stride. Like the October mist swirling in off the lake, her gypsy blood stirred sending her intuition into high gear. Something unnatural was happening.

Go see what’s wrong. She heard her father’s voice as clearly as if he stood next to her.

On the heels of his words came her mother’s pragmatic warning in clipped British tones. You know what curiosity killed. Katrina pushed the ever-present warning aside. Mom never approved of Dad’s supernatural hunts and even less of his drawing her into them.

Pulling the oversized cross she always wore out from under her shirt, Kat looked around for a weapon. Please, not a vampire. I hate vampires! A piece of wood sticking out of the trashcan at the front of the alley caught her eye.

Grabbing it, she broke the end off into a sharp point. The mist-filled air filtered the light from the single bulb over one of the alley doorways. The wind swirled the loose trash around making a quiet approach difficult. Sidestepping the paper, with the stake in one hand and holding the gun she took from her purse in the other hand, she crept into the alley.

A roar echoed against the buildings, the sound nearly sending her running. That roar wasn’t a vampire. It sounded more like an animal. Kat inched closer. In the yellow pool of light from the back door of the building, a black bear, over seven feet tall, reared on its back legs and swung its paw at the man standing at the edge of the light. He crashed to the ground, shirt torn open from the slashing claws. Blood covered the fabric, and he clasped his left hand over his shoulder to stem the flow. The bear bent toward him, teeth bared in a smile. A wicked smile.

Kat aimed her gun, but before she could pull the trigger, a shot rang out. The flash of gunpowder lit the face of the injured man. The blast reverberated against the buildings. With an enraged bellow, the bear staggered backward against the wall. Shaking his head, the animal dropped to all four paws. Weaving like a drunk, he lumbered toward his attacker. The man took aim again, shooting the animal between the eyes. Animal and human collapsed on the dirty, littered pavement.

As she started to move forward, Kat’s gypsy senses crawled over her skin like angry red ants. As she slipped back into the shadows, the bear shed fur. Changing size. Then, finally, turning into a man.

Shape shifters. Her stake wasn’t any good against them, and her bullets weren’t silver. This one appeared dead anyway. Had the wounded man seen the shift? Tossing the stake aside, she paused by the shifter and quickly moved to the wounded man. Out cold. Still human.

When she touched him, his eyelids fluttered open. “Did I get it?”


“The bear.”

Amazon buy links:

The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 1):

eBook: http://amzn.com/B00DUMODKI

paper back: http://amzn.com/1619353504


Blood Brothers (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 2):

eBook: http://amzn.com/B00OVNFC8W


Son of the Moonless Night (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 3):

eBook: http://amzn.com/B00XK3E172


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Thursday Threads


Dreams Do Come True

Book 2 in the Dream Trilogy

20140822 DreamsDoComeTrue_HIGH


     The vicious slaughter of cattle brings Lynzi Lancaster and her fiancé Layne Brady, a Fae raised in the human world, to the aid of his human parents. A neighbor with a grudge has returned to the area to settle a score.

     Lynzi is only mildly shocked to find the tall tales her granddaddy told so many years ago about black panthers roaming the woods near their home were not only true but also had a twist, those panthers were two natured . . . werepanthers.

     The renegade panther believes Lynzi is a witch and threatens her life when Fae magic is performed near by. Now, it’s up to Lynzi and Layne to bring down the big cats and keep her alive.


     I drew the truck door as close to me as I could get it and waited for the perfect moment. I shoved it open with all the force I had to meet my attacker head on. With a loud thud, she bounced back, and fell hard on her rump.

     Thinking that reality check would take some of the fight out of her, I stepped from behind the door. It was only hopeful thinking though since she scrambled to her feet and came at me a second time. She made contact this time by clinching both hands around my neck all the while chanting some strange words. Gasping for air, I grabbed hold of her wrists and broke the hold as I spotted Boone tearing out the back door toward us. She swung a fist, and I reached up with my forearm to block the blow.

     A familiar hand latched onto my waist and tugged me out of the reach of the crazed woman. The loud smack I heard but did not see delivered caused her to fly backward and land on her backside again. I straightened myself, my hands clinched into tight fists. She had to believe I had delivered the blow. Layne’s identity could never be discovered.

     Boone took his protective stance in front of me. “Mena, what are you doing here? Ms. Lynzi didn’t kill Del. He was executed by panther law for everything he did to me and Jesse and Mama.”

     The crazy witch resembled a human crab scooting backward on her hands and feet, trying to stand, and regain her senses. I could almost see the steam coming from her ears she was so mad.

     “You didn’t lift a finger to help poor Del and now you’ve thrown in with this witch. You will pay for what you did, Boone Weaver.” She raised her hand and started to speak in riddles again as if to cast another spell of some sort on Boone.

     I moved around Boone with my shadow still covering my back. “This is your only warning, Mena. Leave this place and leave us in peace. Keep messing with me and my family and I will come after you.” I raised my arm with my fist still clinched to emphasize my point. Layne accentuated my declaration with a gust of wind powerful enough to knock her on her butt, yet again.

     “I’ll get you. I don’t know what kind of witch you are but I’ll get you. And Boone, you only tasted the beginning. You’ll wish you were dead before I’m done with you. Careful what you dream, it might come true.” She scrambled to her feet and ran around the corner of the house and to the car she had left parked out on the side of the road.

     “Lynzi. Are you hurt?” Layne was hovering again. “Ms. Lynzi, did she hurt you?” Boone, too. I blew out a breath. “Whew. You both worry too much.

     I’m fine. Not a hair out of place.” I shook my ponytail. “Which is more than I can say for Mena.” A confident grin spread across my face as I raised my left fist and revealed my prize. Several dozen strands of frizzy, bleached blond hair had been captured in my scuffle with the witch. “Ooo, she’s in bad need of a touch up, too. Gray roots.” I made a face as I examined my reward and wondered if we now had everything we needed to do the job of eliminating Mena from our lives.

     Layne’s hands clasped onto my waist, he lifted, and spun me around in mid air. After my feet were back on the ground, I propped my hands on my hips. “Layne Brady, what if someone saw that? People don’t just fly around their backyards on their own. At least not here.”

     “Hey, you already got the reputation as a scary ol’ witch, so why not?” He chuckled as he took my hand and led me into the house.

     “Sounds reasonable to me,” Boone chimed in.

     “You two best be careful with those smart mouths. I’ll take my broomstick to the both of you.”


Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/Dreams-Come-True-Larynn-Ford-ebook/dp/B00NULPUHO

Twitter: @LarynnFord

Website: http://www.larynnford.com/


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Wednesday Special Features


Dawning of Light


Tami Lund 

20141126 Dawning of Light Cover

Dawning of Light (Lightbearer Book 2)

Publication date: December 15th, 2014

Genres: Paranormal Romance


Finnegan Hennigan meets his match in spunky Cecilia Druthers, a woman he can barely stand. Cecelia’s opinion of Finn? He’s an oaf and a killjoy. But, opposites can’t resist each other in Dawning of Light by Tami Lund. You’ll love Book 2 of Tami’s hot fantasy series, Lightbearer, a saga about lightbearers and the shifters who hate to love them.

The Lightbearers are a group of magical beings who have lived for five hundred years hidden away in their warded and protected coterie. Now that the princess of the Lightbearers is mated to a shifter, their peaceful lives have been turned upside down.

In this second installment of the Lightbearer Series, shifter Finnegan Hennigan is doing his damnedest to keep lightbearer Cecilia Druthers out of trouble. His job is made all the more difficult by the fact that Cecilia doesn’t want to stay out of trouble.

Despite their mutual annoyance, sparks ignite between this odd couple. As it becomes increasingly more apparent that someone is out to get Cecilia, the flares of attraction become impossible to resist, and soon, Cecilia and Finn tumble into, well, a closet together. And then the bed. And if Finn wants to keep her there, he’s going to need to keep her alive.

Which means figuring out who the hell keeps trying to kill her.


Content Notes: Hot, Non-sexual Violence, Fantasy, Fairies, Paranormal, Shifters, Suspense


GOODREADS:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5169798.Tami_Lund



Tami Lund likes to live, love, and laugh, and does her best to ensure the characters in her books do the same. After they’ve overcome a few seemingly insurmountable obstacles first, of course.

Tami is multi-published, both self and with a few publishers, including Crimson Romance, Liquid Silver Books, and Soul Mates Publishing. Chances are, there is a new book coming out soon. Be sure to stalk her on social media, so you know when.

And most important, if you enjoyed one of Tami’s books, please let other readers know by leaving a review on the site from which you bought it, or on Goodreads. Otherwise, how will they know which book to read next?



W: http://tamilund.com/

T: https://twitter.com/@TamiLundAuthor

F: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTamiLund

G: https://www.goodreads.com/search?utf8=&query=tami+lund


Tami Lund is hosting a book release party on Facebook with author takeovers, contests and prizes, and swag, and would love for you to come!

Join the party!! https://www.facebook.com/events/317271781806501



Pre-order Dawning of Light and email Tami the receipt to be entered to win!

Pre-Order Here: http://amzn.to/1rlBxRc

20141126 Release Day Special - DOL

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Thursday Threads




Larynn Ford

20140904 Rescued2 

Genre – Paranormal Romance

Heat Level – Sizzling


Fiercely independent and determined to be taken seriously in a man’s world, PI Rose Baxter will do whatever it takes to find the kids who are disappearing from the streets and bring them home safe, even teaming up with PI Marty Brown, a man hot enough to burn whatever part of her gets too close – her fingers, her sheets, her life, and her other nature’s whiskers.

But her other nature knows whiskers grow back and will accept nothing less than this man as her mate for life, a plan Marty’s all in on. Sparks fly when she refuses to be the little woman. Besides, those kids need her and their time’s running out. But, thrown together 24/7 can she fight it?



Rose heard the unmistakable sound of duct tape stripping from its roll. Her hands, bound together behind her back and another piece loosely secured the bag around her neck. Her memory of stored scents identified Mabel and Stan even before they spoke.

“Take her to the lab. I’ll stash her car.” Mabel’s footsteps hurried away. As soon as the front door close behind Mabel, Rose stiffened her body and formed an impossible to move statue. Her arms flexed and ripped the tape to separate her hands. Stan grabbed for her to regain his grip. She spun around to deliver a kick toward the sound of his astonished breathing. He collided with the floor and skidded to a stop when he smacked into the cabinet doors. As he scrambled to right himself, the knives rattled in the butcher block on the kitchen counter.

She ripped the tape from around her neck and yanked the pillowcase off her head in time to see the man lunge toward her. She side stepped his attack.

Shouting rang out from the living room. “Let go of me!” One sniff confirmed Logan and June had entered through the front door. Mabel would cause no more trouble.

The kitchen windows vibrated. The backdoor burst into splinters as Marty stormed through. His roar rattled the dishes stacked in the drainer when he spotted Stan holding a knife on his mate. “Nooo!”

Before she could blink, Marty swung one arm and backhanded Stan, sending him crashing through the window and out onto the patio. The stunned man scrambled to his feet, hobbled around the side of the house to his SUV, and hightailed it out the driveway.

Marty gripped Rose gently by the shoulders and turned her to face him. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” His eyes were intense. “Rose, answer me?”

“I’m fine. Did they catch Stan? I heard a vehicle leave.” She turned to the living room where Mabel sat in a huff.

“Oscar just called. The SUV’s have left the park and headed west out of town. I’ve called the police to come and pick her up. I’m assuming you’ll be pressing charges for kidnapping?” Logan had handcuffed Mabel and planted her in a chair. June stood ready in case she tried to escape.

“I want a few minutes with her first.” Rose turned to Mabel. Her nostrils flared and the fire from her inner animal flashed in her eyes. No, as much as she’d like to, she wouldn’t inflict the bodily harm this woman so deserved for her part in this whole scheme. She’d like to body slam the bitch to the floor, but her daddy had taught her the self-control she needed to work this job and work it right.

Getting some answers now was her primary concern. She wanted answers. While she wouldn’t physically injure the woman, she wasn’t above scaring the crap out of her to get the information she needed.

Mabel sneered at her and rolled her eyes. “And just what do you intend to do with your few minutes? Do you think I’m afraid of a mousy little thing like you? Oh, help, the little mousy girl is going to scare me,” she humphed in a mocking tone.

“Oh hell,” Marty said. He adjusted the hat on his head, glanced Logan’s way with a y’all best look out expression, and stepped back out of the way to give Rose room to work.

“June bug. Move back, honey,” Logan said as her steered his wife to the corner by the door and positioned his body, brick wall style in front of her for her own safety, just like an alpha male. Everyone read Marty’s message loud and clear.

Mabel’s expression changed from glaring sarcasm to certain fear as she watched the woman she had labeled as little make her way slowly toward her.

Rose’s eyes narrowed and focused on the woman. Her hands flexed from tight, curled fists to stiff, extended fingers, and back again. Her nails lengthened, exposing her razor sharp claws as she stepped over to the mouthy woman. Her eyes never left her target.

She leaned down to bring herself nose to nose with the evil before her. “Where are you really taking these kids and what are you going to do with them?” She spoke in an even voice, accentuating every syllable.

An increasing layer of fear replaced the smug expression on Mable’s face. “You- you don’t scare me,” she stuttered. “I’m not telling you anything.” She attempted to bring her tough side back to the surface but was less than convincing.

Rose placed one petite hand on Mabel’s shoulder and pressed down. She held back to a mere vise-like grip. Not the bone crushing strength she was more than capable of using.

Mabel sucked in a pained breath and flinched back, drawing on her last bit of resolve. “We know you’re not normal. You’re some kind of freak with super blood. Don’t think we won’t come after you again.” She let out an injured cry from the pressure applied to her shoulder. “You’ll pay for this!”


Contact me links:

Website/Blog: http://larynnford.com/

Twitter: @LarynnFord

Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/larynnfordauthor

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Larynn-Ford/e/B00CELS1V8/


Book Buy Links:

In My Wildest Dreams



Christmas Blessings in All I Want For Christmas Is A Soul Mate





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Friday Features

Shift Happens


J.C. McKenzie

Today we have a special treat by getting to interview J.C. McKenzie, and learning something about her and her release, Shift Happens.

20140815 McKenzie ShiftHappens_w8140_300

Welcome, JC, glad you could join us today.

Glad to be here.

Would you please tell our readers about the book you are showcasing today.

Set in the Lower Mainland of BC, Shift Happens is an Urban Fantasy story of Andrea McNeilly, a shifter with unique abilities and a brutal past. When an assignment for the Supernatural Regulatory Division goes horribly wrong, Andy must rely on the aid of the local Werewolf alpha to avoid eternal enslavement to the local Master Vampire. When they start to investigate, they discover Andy’s orders didn’t come from the government as originally thought and Andy soon realizes some prices aren’t worth paying for her freedom.

That sounds exciting. How did you come up with the concept for this book?

As corny as it sounds, I had a dream about it. Once I started writing the first scene, the story flowed out from there and I had to quickly write an outline before I forgot it all.

Ooh, a dream book. We’ve gotten some ideas that way as well. What are you working on now and what was the release date for Shift Happens?

Shift Happens released world-wide on July 16th, and the second book of the series, Beast Coast, will be released sometime this year as well. I’m currently working on getting the third book submission ready and am writing the fourth book of the Carus Series. I also have a paranormal romance short story, completely unrelated to the Carus Series, coming out sometime this year as well, so I’ve been working with my editor to make it publish-ready.

We know how those series go. Do you write in more than the paranormal genre? If so, why?

I write both Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Although they’re two distinct genres, the line between them is blurry and dependent on the emphasis of the romance. I like romance. I think relationships are a key motivator for people’s actions. The genre I write in depends how much the romance plays a part in the book. Is it the main plot arch, or secondary?

So with the number of books you are working on are you a fast writer or a slow writer? What’s the most number of pages or words you’ve ever written in a day? The average number per writing session?

I’ve been quite active on Facebook recently, trying to promote my book and interact with readers. I’ve also become “friends” with a lot of indie authors. I would’ve said I wrote fast before, but now, I’m not so sure. When I’m in the writing zone, I tend to average about 1,000 words a day, every day, and finish the first (extremely rough) book within a few months. I thought that was pretty good! But some of these authors bang out 5000 words a day, multiple days in a row! WOW. The most I’ve ever done was 4700 words in a day and I was on a roll. It was an epic scene in Beast Coast and I can’t wait to hear what readers think of it.

We always wonder about those who claim that many words and how much they have to rework and how they actually write. Speaking of that, what medium do you use? Are you a pen and paper writer, strictly computer, or some combo of the two?

I’m a combo of the two. Recently, I’ve gone back to pen and paper. My toddler son is defying nap time, so I’m not able to sequester myself in the office for a couple hours a day anymore. It’s easier to have a notepad out and scribble down the ideas as fast as possible. And when I say scribble, I mean it! My normally tidy printing becomes chicken scratch doctors would be proud of.

20140815 McKenzie photoSo then do you revise on paper or on the computer?

Both. Mainly on the computer, but when I’m getting rounds of editing back from the editor, I print off the newly revised manuscript and reread it as a reader to make sure I catch as much as possible and am happy with how the book reads as a whole.

So that brings up some other questions. As we all know, writers are readers. What’s the first book you ever remember reading as a child?

On my own? As in, not assigned by a teacher?

Yes, on your own.

The first book I remember reading for the sake of reading was one of the many Nancy Drew books. It was around #90, because I remember going back to get more in the high 90s and early 100s.

Catherine loved Nancy Drew, too and Donald loved to read the Hardy Boys, which were kind of the companion series to Nancy Drew or visa versa depending on your view point. So, what’s the book you are reading now?

Sadly, I have no time to read at the moment, and my TBR list keeps growing! I recently read Kathryn Knight’s Gull Harbor and Silver Lake. I really enjoyed both of them.

Do you ever read non-fiction?

I’m a biology teacher by day, so if you count textbooks and reference books, all the time!

Biology was not one of our favorite subjects in school. Are there any other subjects you teach?

Yes, I do! I teach high school Science, Biology and Math.

Math is a good one, Donald enjoyed that one. With biology you have all those names of things to remember and they always seem to have another meaning. Thinking of that, do you know the meaning of your name? If so, does it fit you?

I’m named after a flower. My parents thought I looked delicate, like a flower, and chose this name for that reason. It was only later, they lamented, how my name might suit my appearance, but contrasted with my personality! I’ve always been a tomboy and into sports.

Oh, how funny. Parents seem to forget those points when naming their children. The reality of the conflict is not recognized until later. Speaking of reality, do you like reality shows and, in a whisper, asking what’s your favorite one?

America’s Next Top Model is my not-so-secret guilty pleasure.

Thinking of pleasure we have a few quickies, (no not that kind everybody, get your minds out of the gutter) rather questions, that we would like a quick answer to without much thought.

Okay… what are they.

What is your favorite:

food? Greek

singer or band? Lady Gaga

season? Spring

flower? Gardenia

color? Blue

Mug or teacup? Mug

This has been fun and it’s been a pleasure having you here today. As you say goodbye, can you leave the readers with an encapsulation of your life’s philosophy?

Thank you very much for having me! It’s been a pleasure to be here and answer your questions. I hope your readers enjoy getting to know me better.

My life philosophy? If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito – African Proverb


Now for a look at Shift Happens cover and a little teaser.


20140815 McKenzie ShiftHappens_w8140_300


Andrea McNeilly’s job as a government agent is not asking questions, but then a routine assignment turns into a botched assassination of a Master Vampire’s human servant. Answers become a priority. Her search to discover the truth is riddled with obstacles, the largest being an oversized Werewolf who resembles a Norse god. Andy can’t afford the distraction he offers, because if she fails, she faces eternal enslavement.


Wick’s job is to monitor Andy, but he prefers more intimate activities, none of them G-Rated. His choices, however, are often not his own. His ability to help Andy is limited by his bond to the Master Vampire.


Facing many trials and challenges along her path to redemption, Andy learns the value of her freedom might be set too high.





A large black wolf trotted into the clearing to confront me. He had a white-tipped snout, white boots and mitts and would have looked cute had he not been the most intimidating Werewolf I’d ever seen. Standing tall and solid, power rolled off of his body. His eyes bore into mine. I sniffed the air. The strong Werewolf scent of rosemary swirled around me, strong and seductive, laced with sugar. A weird fuzzy sensation spread out from my chest. Whoa.

My other form growled low, demanding release, straining against my skin. The energy of the wolves built—layers upon layers of excitement and impatience. The air pulsated with anticipation. They could sense the imminent kill.

Let me out! My other form repeated, throwing her power against my built up walls, howling in defiance.

When the energy of the Werewolves surged, I finally released her. My wolf form flowed out fast, wiping out the feline in little more than a heartbeat. Smaller, weaker and the size of a natural wolf, a Shifter in this form was no match for a Werewolf, especially a dominant one. I had time to meet the eyes of the Alpha for only an instant before the pack leapt forward. My limbs shook. It went against every instinct ingrained within me, but I rolled onto my back—submissive.


Buy Links:

Amazon.com | Amazon.ca | Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.com.au

Available in print and all other electronic formats.


About the Author:View More: http://photos.pass.us/headshot2

Born and raised on the Haida Gwaii, off the West Coast of Canada, J.C. McKenzie grew up in a pristine wilderness that inspired her to dream. She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.


Connect with J.C. McKenzie:

J.C. McKenzie’s Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | The Wild Rose Press| Amazon


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Thurs Thread book shelfs2

Today we welcome

Anne B. Cole

author of

Souls Entwined

20140501 SoulsEntwined_805x1275

A Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Released April 30, 2014

By Soul Mate Publishing

Heat Level: Sweet Romance

Souls Entwined is Anne B. Cole’s debut release, combining sweet romantic suspense, time travel, and paranormal elements in a New Adult novel attractive to a wide range of readers.

In addition to writing, Anne teaches preschool and is raising three very active teenagers with her husband of twenty-two years. Her love for making fresh baked goodies, running, hiking, historical fiction, and her three pet cats continue to be her inspiration while she pens the sequel to Souls Entwined.


When a cursed family heirloom sends Gretta Dobbs back in time, a hunky construction worker, Sam Daggett, suddenly finds himself love struck and joins her adventure. Their souls entwine within the bodies of young lovers on a Greek island in 1829, where they begin to unravel the mysteries behind Gretta’s ring all while avoiding a bloodthirsty pirate who is determined to seek revenge. Gretta and Sam must find the secrets needed to save her and her relatives from an afterlife in purgatory and return to their own lives—or risk becoming prisoners of the past, continuing the evil cycle of the ring’s curse.


From Chapter Two

Not a sound was heard as Sam’s eyes snapped open. Under the branches of the downed tree, Purple Shorts began to stir.

“Sorry, are you okay?” Sam gently lifted his weight off her.

“I think so,” she replied faintly. Sam released his hold on her shoulder, amazed her face wasn’t scratched. He wondered how bad he appeared.

“Do you think you can stand?”

She nodded. Together they rose to their feet, easily stepping out from the tangle of branches. Eyes growing wide, she began to sway.

“Sit,” Sam commanded, steadying her.

“No, look!” She pointed.

Sam gazed over his shoulder. His mouth fell open. Beneath the tree, their bodies lay, motionless.

“Are we . . .” Purple Shorts began, but Sam shook his head slowly.

Before she could say more, he interrupted, “I don’t know. Do you feel—”


He scanned the area for help. Everything around them was still, as if they were watching a movie and someone hit ‘pause.’ No wind, no sound, no movement. He flinched when cold fingers clutched his hand.

Squeezing gently, he lifted her hand in front of their faces. “Can you feel this?”

Purple Shorts nodded.

“I don’t think we’re dead,” Sam whispered, gazing into her blue eyes.

 Buy Link

Connect With Anne

To follow Anne’s publishing journey and connect with her,

check out her blog site and find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Blog  Twitter  Facebook


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