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Last week we talked about repetitive word usage and challenged readers to write an essay without repeating any words. We took our own challenge. On our guest blog at SMP authors, you will find a 263 word piece entitled Words–How Many Can You Write Before Repeating Any. Since Catherine knocked out last week’s little paragraph with ease, she thought, “How hard can it be?” and started on the guest blog that same day. Hours later, and at least four runs through the software program Donald purchased, she finished.

Here’s a sample of the SMP Blog.

Distinctive choices matter when penning books. Readers won’t always see repetition nor understand why they like something better, yet will notice differences between tomes which provide fresh communication over and above those that do not. Terminology overuse creates dull writing, lacking snap, sizzle, sparkle–things booklovers desire.

To see the rest of the blog, hop on over to the SMP Author blog site.

Today’s writing tip: Make a list of the words you know you use over and over and keep it nearby when writing. A quick glance before you start writing will help you remember your pitfall words. Over time, you may be able to eliminate a great deal of your repetitive words on your first draft.

Do you know what your most overused words are? We’d love to know.

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