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Selected Insights from Julia Quinn

By Pamela Gibson

I write historical romance and Regencies have long been one of my favorite genres. Over the years, I’ve sat through several presentations at in-person conventions, learning different perspectives from some of my favorite authors. Here are a few I recently came across from Julia Quinn, the author of the Bridgerton series. She made them during a panel discussion in 2016.

Plot or characters, which comes first? . . .

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Friday Features

Talks with

MJ Compton

Today we welcome MJ Compton to the blog. She is sharing with us about her research or “The Truth About Research.” We think you will find this most interesting. So over to you MJ.

Thanks for hosting me today.

My very first book signing was at my local library branch. One of the neighborhood regulars showed up. She was quite a character. Her many statements included letting me know she, too, was a published author, having written non-fiction books with her late husband. Therefore, she was qualified to instruct me about one of the major problems of the romance: lack of research.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Because it’s drivel.”

To which I responded, “You haven’t researched your question.”

She scoffed. “How can you research werewolves?”

“There are plenty of historical accounts of werewolves. I researched the legends. I also researched the habits and traits of real wolves, looking for nuances to incorporate into the fictional universe I created. And my characters aren’t only werewolves, but they are also a country music band. I listened to country music day and night. I studied the layouts of tour buses. I went to concerts, and even went backstage at one event. I studied what life on the road was like for performers.”

A former co-worker was present. He added: “MJ worked in the local media for thirty years, so she nailed the heroine dead on.” (The heroine of my first book, Moonlight Serenade, was a journalist.)

I went on to explain that as part of research for my contemporary baseball romance novels, I had season tickets to the local Triple A baseball team for three seasons. My husband and I attended over 60 games a year. I interviewed ballplayers. I talked to the people who managed the stadium. I studied the differences between major league and minor league games. I followed the team on a couple of road trips.

“I had no idea,” the Expert said. “You need to let people know this.”

Other than the acknowledgement page and incorporating the knowledge gained into the story, I’m not sure how an author is supposed to do that. So I’ll do it here.

Yes, I research my books. Even when the topics are difficult. My current release, Omega Moon Rising, deals with child pornography. Yes, I spoke with people who work with children who have been sexually abused. Yes, I learned about the procedures that happen once the abuse has been reported. And yes, my heart broke for those victims.

Being an author isn’t easy. We sometimes have to delve into things we’d rather not. But one of the most important things the romance genre does is offer hope. Maybe solutions. If my books give one person the strength to carry on in the face of any adversity, I have done my job.

Thank you MJ. We think you have done a great job of explaining the research romance authors go to for their books. Now here is a little about MJ’s newest book, Omega Moon.

Abigail Grant has a secret . . . and a plan to keep her younger sister from suffering the same fate. Her strategy would have worked if she hadn’t been seduced by sweet-talking musician Luke Omega. Suddenly she’s plucked from the life she wanted to escape, but her new circumstances only expose her to a different danger—or is it her salvation?

Luke has a secret, too. He believes he can change his destiny through willpower—and a little blue pill. When he inadvertently gets mixed up in the Grant sisters’ troubles and his pack alpha orders him to marry Abigail, his family insists he tell her he’s a werewolf. But Luke claims Abigail is not his life mate. She doesn’t need to know what happens to him on the full moon.

Until he accidentally stumbles across her secret. Then all bets are off.Omega Moon Rising cover


“What did you think of Abby’s songs?” Libby asked. She walked in circles around the splintery gray picnic table.

“Libby.” Warmth filled Abby’s cheeks. Leave it to her sister to jump to exactly what she wanted. No finesse. No filters. No stopping to think about what other people might feel.

Luke blinked, and then grinned. “I recognized the first one, but wasn’t familiar with the other two.”

“That’s because Abby wrote them.”

Abby’s face burned, but in a weird way, she was grateful to Libby for taking the initiative. She never would have figured out how to start this conversation on her own.

“She’s really good,” Libby continued. “Maybe Toke Lobo would want to, I don’t know, hear one? Maybe buy one?”

Luke’s crystal blue eyes widened. Maybe he thought he was being used. Well, he was, in a way. But he was cute. Abby hadn’t had much of a chance to be with many young men because of Gary. Luke’s initial interest flattered her. Not only was he hot, he was nearly famous. Besides, he’d approached her, not the other way around.

“That’s an idea. I could ask him if he’d like to hear that last one.”

Abby’s breath hitched. Maybe this was going to work out.

“But not until after the show. Toke is totally focused on performing right before he takes the stage. But after the show? He’s loose. Sure, I could ask him.”

“Really? I don’t want to impose.”

Oh, yes she did. Getting her lyrics in front of Toke Lobo was her reason for performing in the talent show.


AMAZON http://tinyurl.com/zrjb3xv

MJ Compton Bio:MJ Compton Author Photo

MJ Compton grew up near Cardiff, New York, a place best known for its giant, which inspired her to create her own fiction.

Although her 30-year career in local television included such highlights as being bitten by a lion, preempting a US President for a college basketball game, giving a three-time world champion boxer a few black eyes, a mention in the Drudge Report, and meeting her husband, MJ never lost her dream of writing her own stories.

MJ still lives in upstate New York with her husband. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and Central New York Romance Writers. Music and cooking are two of her passions, and she enjoys baseball and college basketball, but she’s primarily focused on wine . . . and writing.

Where you can find MJ:

Website & Blog http://www.comptonplations.com/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Comptonplations

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AuthorMJCompton

Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/compton4555/

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8075221.M_J_Compton

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/MJ-Compton/e/B00J9DFFIG/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1


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