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Tell Again Tuesday

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Verbs paint the essence of your characters–a writing tips post.

By Sally Brandle

This page is from the 1906 “Text Book of Art Education.” Paintings evoke emotions, as should your books. How to compose like a painter? After attending an inspiring Master Class by Damon Suede, author of Verbalize: Bring Stories to Life & Life to Stories, I purchased the book and . . .

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Wednesday Special Spotlight

Shines On

The author Sally Brandle who visits today with a request that anyone can fulfil. Here’s Sally.

Catherine and Donald generously offered an opportunity to share my wonderful news, and I am grateful to them. The first book I wrote (at 61), The Hitman’s Mistake, finaled in Uncaged Book Reviews Raven Awards in the Mystery/Suspense category. To qualify for the semifinals of this neat award, my novel had to garner 4/5 Stars from their review team, then receive enough votes to land in the finals. To win, I am up against an Amazon Bestseller and a NYT Bestseller.

I’d really appreciate your vote. The final poll runs through Friday, August 1st. I write clean (sensual without intimate scenes) stories weaving slow-burning romance into edgy suspense, motivating women to trust their inner gifts. To vote, simply click on the link below, scroll to the circle next to The Hitman’s Mistake in the fifth category and click. Then click on the ‘Vote’ button below the group. Reader support provides the motivation for me to keep writing. I’m at eight books, with three published in this series. Thank you for your love of reading.

Raven Award Voting Link: http://uncagedbooks.com/raven-awards-final-voting/.

Thanks Sally for that clear explanation. The Raven Award is something many authors hope to be honored with as we were several years ago. Now how about clicking the link above and giving Sally your vote.

Not sure? Then here’s an excerpt from her book that might help or you may just enjoy reading.

Setting: Our heroine’s pruning indoor plants in the lobby of Seattle’s Justice Building after hours. Her elderly friend, Judge Ike Gilson, was working in his chambers earlier.


Soft taps came from a few feet behind her. She tilted her head.

Footsteps? From the stairwell? Miranda released her grip, and the tree limb sprang free. She swung her head and watched the branch skim the fly of the trousers on the man now towering over her right shoulder.

Not Ike. She froze.

“What in the hell? Oh, didn’t see you there—” he sidestepped, and her cup scrunched in protest under his big boot. The lid popped off and the double shot of Kona glugged into a mocha-scented pool.

He jumped to avoid the puddle. “Damn energy conservation put you in the shadows. Sorry, I nailed your coffee.” His swinging backpack missed her nose by inches.

She twisted her body and scooted her butt until her shoulder jammed against a carved pot.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“It’s okay,” she mumbled, keeping her head lowered to avoid further contact with the bag-wielding klutz wearing black trousers. Must’ve been him she’d glimpsed a few minutes ago, while the elevator doors had closed on the floor below Ike’s.

“I’ve never been attacked by a branch. Must say, you deployed it well,” the deep voice announced. He stopped directly in front of her.

His hiking boots made her size-nine high-tops appear dainty.

Not the shoes of a snobby lawyer or a lost, post-trial pimp trying to find his way out of the building. Still, the flailing branch served him right for sneaking up on her. “I didn’t hear you.”

“And I shouldn’t text and walk,” he said in a lighter, almost sexy tone. “I’m Grant.” He dropped his pack and stuck out his hand.

An FBI tag printed ‘GRANT MORLEY’ hung from the bag.

She peered from under her cap’s brim and gulped.


Agent of Interest. Her heart took off at a gallop.

Okay that sounds like a book that will be interesting to read. Here’s the link to get a copy on Amazon.

Now you have you copy give Sally a vote for the Raven Award: http://uncagedbooks.com/raven-awards-final-voting/.

A little bit about Sally:

Sally Brandle weaves slow-burning romance into edgy suspense. Growing up in a tightly knit, multi-generational community, Sally’s core values reflect those of the village where she was raised. Her stories motivate women to connect with their inner gifts.
When she gets time away from her functional engineer husband and spirited sons, Sally hunkers down in her office. Her trusty Aussie, Tallulah, waits patiently at her feet for belly rubs as adventures unfold. For a head-clearing ride in fresh air, Sally saddles her Quarter Horse, Lance, and trots along wooded trails in the Pacific Northwest.
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