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Violetta Rand

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20150320 Seduction_Rand_R@R1


The night Marisela Gonzalez rides up to the Devil’s Den on her motorcycle, running from trouble and looking for her sister, she finds more than a place to hide out and work her red-hot body. She meets a guy brave enough to stand by a tough, terrified nineteen-year-old girl who’s been in the wrong place with the wrong jerk one too many times. And he’s ready to show Marisela how a real man treats the woman he desires.

An ex-cop taking over as the club’s head of security, Craig Hanson can handle anything—except the urgent need he suddenly feels to hold Marisela tight. Commitment has never been his thing, but all that changes when Craig finds something too real to deny between them. Sensual and vulnerable, Marisela’s got a scary past. And when it comes knocking, Craig goes all in to protect her—because seduction is the ultimate game changer.


I can’t believe Marisela Gonzalez is standing in my office all grown up, in skintight leathers with windblown hair. She’s something out of a fantasy. I’d kill to fist my hands in that long, silky mane. I’m sure this is payback from some higher power. She’s nervous. It concerns me. Sargent worries me even more. This girl needs to leave town by tomorrow—she’s gonna be on every Bandito’s shit list by morning. She nearly bashed his brains in—he’ll need stitches. I almost need stitches. I look at my arm, it stings. She intervened at the right moment. I owe her, but I won’t ever tell her that. Girls shouldn’t act the way she did.

I hold the office door open. She gives me a go to hell look and heads for her bike. She mounts it like a pro and revs the engine. I can’t help staring. She slides her black helmet on and slams the visor down. I circle behind her to a take a look at her perfect ass perched on the seat. Shit. My mouth waters. I have to remind myself who she is. Likely off limits. But I’ll enjoy the image of her on that bike for nights to come. She drives off the breezeway and stops. She stares at me and I point toward my Mustang.

I get in my car and rev my engine too. I turn onto South Padre Island Drive, watching for her in my rearview. She’s gone. Son of a . . . I look right. She’s next to me and flips me the bird. I punch the gas and fly by her. Her little Ducati is no match for my car—for me. We race down S.P.I.D. until I put on my directional and merge left so she’ll know to exit off Weber. She does, and I drive another mile before turning onto Robyn’s street.

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Where to find Violetta:

Author website http://www.violettarandromance.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/violettarandromance

Twitter https://twitter.com/ViolettaRand

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6952559.Violetta_Rand


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Tell Again Tuesday

A blog series where we shamelessly share posts from others that we have enjoyed.

 Who would think something as simple as identifying yourself could be such fun. Then Violetta always seems to have an interesting twist on various concepts. This one almost takes a wrong turn but is very interesting and fun. Hope you enjoy.

Author branding–what a concept…

As a fairly new author, I’m considered a work in progress. Not that it’s a bad thing. Right? There’s always room to explore and grow—to fine tune my voice and learn from the excellent authors I admire and read. I’m excited. And while I’m in the process of writing in multiple genres, my wonderful agent and publisher told me it’s time to start “branding”.

To find out what went through Violetta’s mind and what “branding” is follow the link below:


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Special Feature

Blind Redemption


Violetta Rand

Releases today June 25 on Amazon from Soul Mate Publishing.

I (Donald) got the privilege to read an advanced copy of the book. This is an exciting and action packed story entwining the lives of Aaron and Kara that keeps the reader turning the pages as Aaron’s life is turned upside down and Kara learns that finding true love does not mean totally giving up her freedom. This book is one you should read.

20140625 Blind Redemption copy


The past is something he’d sooner forget…

Aaron McNally hates his past. Banished for betrayal, he trades his tartan for a Norwegian title and sword to win back his honor.

She has a warrior’s heart…

It’s difficult for Kara Dalgaard to act like a lady, even when her father demands it. After the handsome Jarl Aaron McNally arrives at her home recruiting for the king’s army, she’s forced to participate in a cruel deception to humiliate him. She quickly regrets what she’s done.

However, duty comes before happiness.

Aaron wants a second chance at life—and Kara is everything he’s dreamed of. But the past always has a way of catching up.

Will Kara trust or condemn him to a life of loneliness?


When Kara entered the water, her toes curled. It was freezing. There was a flash of amusement on her companion’s face as her teeth chattered uncontrollably. She swam several yards, then submerged herself, snorting and choking as she resurfaced. Water dribbled down her chin. Amelia wasn’t as adventurous and stayed close to the shoreline. Kara treaded water as she admired the dark woods across the lake. Nothing pleased her more than being outside. Free to explore, free to do as she wanted without her brothers harassing her. She thought she saw movement, but realized it was nothing more than flickering sunlight and shadows. The pleasure of the moment dominated her senses. Nothing could ruin it.

As she floated on her back half dozing, the thundering sound of approaching horses shattered her daydream. She twisted around and searched wildly for Amelia who disappeared into the woods. Kara rushed to reach the shore.

Please …

But before her feet hit land, six riders surrounded Amelia who was now standing at the edge of the forest. Kara froze. She’d stupidly left her weapons by the horses. Now they had no chance of defending themselves or escaping. Two riders dismounted, striding toward her.

“Come out of the water,” the largest demanded.

Unwilling to shame herself by allowing these strangers to see her naked, she crouched in the shallow water. “Turn around first.”

“If you don’t comply, I’ll pluck you out like a wet rat.” There was nothing friendly about this man. His companions chuckled.

Silence ensued as everyone seemed to contemplate Kara’s next move. She’d not risk Amelia’s safety by disobeying. But, what if she could swim to the other side of the lake and find help? Without clothing or money? Never. Swallowing her pride, she looked up. The dark features of the man who demanded she come out scared her.

“Now,” he reminded. “If I wanted to rape you, you’d be on your back by now.”

She was trying not to overthink things, but failing miserably.

Drit,” he yelled, then rushed her.

The moment his boots hit the lake, Kara filled her mouth with water, then shot up, spitting in his face. “Merciless beast.”

He wiped his cheek, his hot gaze sweeping over her body. She refused to tremble. Animals like him thrived on fear. Without warning, Amelia intervened. She ran to beach, offering her cloak.

“Put it on and I’ll rip it off you. Do as I bid, now, and get out of the water.” He glared at Amelia. “You, move.”

“I have a duty to my mistress.” Amelia jutted her chin.

“Stay out of my way. Challenge me again and I’ll punish you.” He shoved her to the ground and then grabbed a fistful of Kara’s hair. She struggled to free herself, only to be dragged to land, then into the forest next to her horses. The blanket and food Amelia had laid out was untouched. He pointed at the coverlet. “Sit.”

Kara obeyed. Fear filled her mind and heart. “Who are you?”

His dark eyes sparkled like a wildfire. “Erling Solheim, an avenging god, I assure you.”

“Devils aren’t gods.”

He slapped her face. “You’ll learn quickly enough that I have no patience for a sharp tongue. Do as I tell you or you’ll be bruised from head to toe before sunset. Understand?”

Kara nodded in comprehension.

“Where are your clothes?”

She pointed; her sword and shield were on the ground nearby. By Odin, she wished she had her weapon in her hands.

“Lying to me about your clothing? You need discipline already. Your gown, where is it?”

“I dressed as a boy for my protection.” She sucked her cheeks in.

He gave her a smug smile. “I believe you. You’re Erik the Bald’s daughter.”

Kara gasped. “How-”

“The trees have eyes and ears.”

“And atrocious manners …”

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