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We’re over at Meggan Connor’s There’s a Bee in my Bodice blog with another interview and an excerpt from our book The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles) We hope you’ll come by and leave us a comment.

And, now, for today’s writing tip:

Many writers have trouble finding the right title for their books. No so for us. In fact, the title and the entire idea for our book series The Turning Stone Chronicles actually came from a road sign that said “Turning Stone.” We started brainstorming what a book entitled The Turning Stone would be about, and our book series was born, complete with a series title. The one thing we didn’t think about when we came up with our title was how many other writers might have a similar title. We should have looked at that, because when we searched for our book title, after it had been released,  lots of writers had similar titles to ours. So, we suggest, before you settle on a title, take a quick perusal around the internet to see if you have a unique title. There’s nothing wrong with having a similar title as another book, but your book will stand out among the crowd if you can choose something unique.

How do you find your book titles?

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